A Port for the Summer…?

Many people associate Ports and other Fortified Wines with the colder months, but here at Saxtys Wines we have something different, something special.

The first of it’s kind… A Pink Port.

A new Rose style of Port, produced by Croft using new and innovative techniques, by extracting fresh fruit flavours, producing a shade of delicate pink. Fresh, vibrant and rich fruit flavours of your typical Croft Port, but with unique and distinctive characteristics.

Established in England, all the way back in 1588, by a Henry Thomson, who at the time was a member of the Merchants of York. The Croft family joined partnership in 1736, giving the firm its’ present name which bought great distinction to the trade. A House recognised for excellent vintages, deriving from its ownership of one the finest estates in the Duoro Valley, Quinta de Roeda. In 2001 Croft became part of the fladgate partnership, the family group that also includes the likes of Taylors and Fonseca Port.

The winemaking approach and vinification has led to producing a juice with attractive floral notes with an underling aromatic raspberry aroma. On the eye, a vibrant red with a slight dark pink hue. A palate that is bursting with delicious cherry and raspberry flavours with lovely tones of honey and grapefruit.

With more depth and power than your average Rose, this unique Port is simply perfect for the Summer months…. An alternative to Pimms perhaps?

Picture it now…. a ‘rare’ warm summers evening, watching the sun go down with the smell of the smokey BBQ in the air, friends all gathered round, sipping on a refreshing pink Port Cocktail!

It really is such a versatile drink. One that can be used in so many ways, and mixed with a variety of different flavours in ingredients to make such a unique selection of Cocktails. Being big fans of Gin here at Saxtys Wine, a weird and wonderful favourite Croft Pink concoction has to be the ‘Old Laughing Lady’ – consisting of Croft Pink, Gin, Elderflower, Fresh Ginger and Cucumber… think refreshing, slightly sweet, with a hint of spice in the back ground. If you prefer you drinks a little more classic and simple, then this is for you. The ‘Pink Diamond’. Croft Pink, Soda and a dash of fresh lime. Nothing more, nothing less. One that really lets you experience the unique and wonderful flavours of the Pink Port.

This Summer Saxtys Wines are on the road, taking Summer Port to a whole new level! Watch out for our Calender of events which we will announce very soon! Pop along, sample our Summer Port Cocktails and learn more about this hidden gem!

Purchase the Croft Pink Port online via the link.



1 bubble background

Think Pink

Rose Champagne, once considered a fad of fashion, a phase that would quickly pass. But now, an international and worldwide trend.

The pink bubbles are back, and are now becoming a permanent feature, and not just the occasional drop. The rise in popularity and sales of Rose Champagne has been at a consistent and constant growth over the past decade. This has given the Wine makers and Champagne Houses the reason, opportunity and tools to make the improvements and changes necessary in order for this boom that we are currently experiencing, to continue to flourish.

Changing people’s perception of Rose Champagne did not come easy to the producers. One of the driving forces behind this style makeover was LVMH, (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy), a family run company comprising of 70 exceptional Houses that create high quality products such as Wine and Spirit, Fashion, Cosmetics and Jewellry). Using new and effective marketing strategies in red wine production and the pink styles of Moet, Dom Perignon, Krug, Veuve Clicquot and Ruinart, they have given Rose Champagne a chance to make its mark. This has led to other Champagne Houses giving their Rose range a new lease of life such as Pol Roger and Perrier Jouet. However, this has now led to the market arguably becoming rather saturated, with the constant influx of new brands, blends and styles of Rose Champagnes.

With this vast selection of Rose Champagnes, the quality is ever being pushed higher and with some exceptional Cuvees now available to consumers, Rose Champagne has become a marker of an elegant and sensual pour – finally receiving the attention that it most certainly deserves. Now everyone wants a glass… even the Men!

Whilst we are on the subject of high quality Champagnes, AYALA, a Champagne House known throughout the world for its fresh and elegant wines, have recently launched their new Rose Champagne. Rose No.8, an authentic expression of the House’s creative spirit. A limited edition cuvée, and a true reflection of the refreshment Champagne AYALA has been undergoing recently.

The Saxtys Wines team first sampled this fine Champagne at the Mentzendorff Annual Portfolio Tasting in London in February 2016, and instantly fell in love.

Crafted exclusively from the Grand and Premier Cru Vineayrds, made from the grapes picked in 2008, an exceptional harvest year. The name refers to the 8 years taken to make this creation and to the symbolism of number 8 – renewal and creation. A feminine and modern design which is echoed in the juice.

A light shade of clear, bright powder pink. A fresh and refined nose with delicate aromas of Red Berry and Blood Orange. A precise and sharp attack, full of freshness and finesse. A palate of Red Berry and Pear with underlying minerality, a sophisticated and long finish. With summer fast approaching, this is definitely one to have chilling in the fridge. A perfect match for light Summer Salad, an Asian inspired Salmon dish or a refreshing Berry Dessert.

The AYALA Champagne Brut No. 8 Rose Champagne is beautifully presented in a luxury branded Gift Box, and is now available to purchase online via this link:


v day 3

All you need is love….and bubbles!

Champagne symbolically and visually marks a celebratory occasion, and isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about…a celebration of love?  A day dedicated to expressing feelings of romance through the giving and receiving of romantic gifts.

Chocolate, jewellery, perfumes and candles…. the standard gifts that you would usually associate with Valentine’s Day, but at the top of our list.. Champagne and Bubbles!

Champagne has long been the symbol of romance, with those tiny bubbles emphasizing the specialness of any occasion. It is known to many that Champagne is one of the key ingredients needed to succeed in the art of seduction! Perhaps we can partly hold Madame de Pompadour responsible.  An 18th century royal courtesan who famously once said, “Champagne is the only wine that leaves a women beautiful after drinking it”.

Nothing screams Valentine’s more than a chilled bottle of fine fizz. It has been said that in a single champagne glass, there is as much food for the mind as pleasure for your senses.

Picking the perfect bottle of bubbly for your Valentine is a moment that should be enjoyed…. Whether your decision is made on style, price, taste, the appearance of the bottle or on the romantic plans and surprises you have planned, here at Saxtys Wines, we have chosen a small selection of some of our favourites that we think are a fine choice this Valentine’s Day.

Make it personal – celebrate the moments you have shared – and the times that are to come.

There is a champagne for every moment.

Shopping on a budget, but still want to spoil that special person in your life? Look no further than the Bottega Rose Gold Prosecco – a best seller here and a winner! A seasonal sparkler full of fresh flavours that we all associate with Valentines – Vanilla, Strawberry and Cream. A bubble that is made for the dessert course – harmonious and delicate.

A perfect choice for a Valentines breakfast in bed. A sparkling Wine made by no other than Louis Roederer – The Roederer Estate Quartet. A fresh, precise and well defined wine. Crisp and complex with hints of Pear, spice and hazelnut flavours. A great companion to a delightful Eggs Benedict.

The benchmark for Rose Champagne, the Laurent Perrier Rose, a star in the Laurent Perrier range. A rare Rose, famous for its highly expressive bouquet of soft red fruits and fresh aromas. A crisp and well defined palate with extraordinary depth and finesse. A juice that is perfectly paired with Asian Cuisine.

A bottle of romance. Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque presented in a stunning hand painted bottle enclosing a floral, yet subtle wine. On the nose, honeysuckle and magnolia mirrored on the palate revealing white fruit flavours complemented by notes of almond milk. A vibrant yet elegant bottle. An excellent companion to Sushi and other light seafood dishes.

Something a little more special… The Ruinart Blanc de Blancs reflects perfect harmony. Elegant, radiant and purity. With dominant notes of citrus and exotic fruits, followed by white peaches and subtle spices. A rounded palate, with a pleasant yet long vibrant finish. A Champagne is just perfect as an aperitif.

And one for the Men. In celebration of the latest release of James Bond ‘Spectre’, in 2015, Bollinger released a limited edition of unique Cuvee from the 2009 vintage encased in a sleek Carre Basset designed reusable black cool box which has been designed to mimic the texture of the gun grip on 007’s Walther PPK. A lively juice, white flowers, citrus fruits and hints of vanilla with a long and complex finish. Both sophisticated and cool, and thus completely in the style of Mr Bond.

To view our full Valentine’s collection, please use the link below.


g & t

Think Gin for 2016

What do you think of when you think of Gin? Is that feeling that you get when you come home after having ‘one of those days’ at work, and the only thing that you can think of that will save you and make all your worries and stress seem so ‘irrelevant’.  Those lazy Summer days where it seems that the only appropriate thing to do is go and sit at a roof top Bar in the City sipping on an ice cold refreshing ‘G&T’, people watching and gazing across the London skyline.

Gin.. it’s the simple things in life…. Or is it? With the popularity of Gin continuing to grow… a whole new world is being discovered! Gin Houses are going above and beyond the norms of the Gin making process as we know it. Breaking the ‘rules’ and thinking outside the Gin box.. not just adding the classic botanicals such as Juniper and Citrus, but are now using an array of weird and wonderful ingredients to enhance the flavour of the juice in the distilling process.

Can Gin now have it’s own personality? This could be the start of something great. A chance to get creative and express a variety of great tastes and textures using flavours and scents from around the world. But let’s hope they don’t get too carried away. We like to think of it as the Gin experiment.

This special quality beverage is just superb at its simplest – Gin, tonic, ice and a slice. Nothing more, nothing less. But is also a base for some of the most fantastic Cocktails in the book, such as the Negroni or the Martini. But with this new breed of Gins, and with Gin being the ‘in thing’ – does the Gin and Tonic deserve its own page in the Cocktail Menu?

Some are calling it the ‘spirit of the moment’, we are very excited to see what 2016 brings for this quintessentially British drink.

To view and buy our selection of Gins here at Saxtys Wines which is constantly expanding, as we are always on the hunt for the next big Gin, please click on the link below.

The Champagne Glass – what’s your preference?

Google “what is the best glass for Champagne” and a whole host of articles come up.  Most of us expect to be served and indeed choose to pour our own fizz into the Champagne flutes which have become familiar.  A sign of sophistication and indulgence, the images of champagne flutes at events and parties just give a little hint of glamour to the bearer – an aspect of theatre to the whole performance of enjoying champagne.

The consensus among many is that these flutes are the best type of glass to enjoy champagne at its best.  The tall sides help to maintain its ‘mousse’ — or sparkle — and you want it to be fine, delicate and persistent. The narrow rim prevents excessive amounts of oxidation, helping to preserve the flavour for longer, and the long stem allows the glass to be held without heat from the fingers transferring to the juice in the glass.

It is for this reason the shallow open coupe glasses favoured in the heady opulence of the 80s have fallen out of favour to the flute, although still favoured for showpieces at weddings and events.

Legend has it the shape of the coupe was modelled on the breast of Marie Antoinette, but the glass was designed especially for sparkling wine and champagne in England in 1663.

It was fashionable right from its introduction until the 1970s-80s and the “champagne towers” showpieces were created by stacking coupes in pyramidal forms. Champagne is continuously poured into the top glass; as it overflowed, it trickled down to fill every glass below.

The Champagne coupe or “saucer” was perfect for the sweeter style of Champagne favoured in the early 20th century. However it simply does not capture the qualities of today’s drier styles.  The shallow bowl means that bubbles do not develop so much and the broad surface area of the mouth causes the champagne to lose its carbonation more quickly, a shame when you consider the time, effort, craft and experience that goes into creating those bubbles!

Hence why shallow open glasses have, over time, given way to the taller, narrower flute, today’s icon of luxury and class in which the drink is now commonly served.  A rough bead at the base of the flute causes bubbles to congregate and then quickly rise to the top of the glass. The bubbles capture and rapidly delivering lots of flavour and aroma, while also being visually impressive.  However, there are flutes and there are “flutes” – straight sided styles or “cone” shaped glasses or the more “tulip” shaped style.

flutestraight sided cone tulip

The straight-sided or cone shaped glasses arguably still allow much of the precious sparkle to escape more easily and the aromas cannot develop fully because of the restricted air movement in the narrow sides.

The tulip shape is similar to a flute but with greater bowl space, a slim base opening to a wider bowl which then narrows slightly towards the opening. The wider bowl is beneficial as it allows a little more room for aeration of the wine, and therefore allows greater development of flavours and aromatics. The narrowing towards the rim also captures and preserves the aromas in the glass and focuses them more towards the nose. Similarly to a flute, a tulip shaped glass will develop and maintain lots of bubbles, but having a wider aperture means that the bubbles will end up hitting the right regions on your tongue rather than ending up in your nose.  For a good quality more mature champagne, the tulip shape could be considered to present the qualities of the juice more effectively and therefore a better choice.

Cattier Tulip

However now some experts are suggesting that champagne drinkers should ditch flutes in favour of nothing more special than an ordinary wine glass – especially for high end, vintage aged Champagnes.

Frederico Lleonart, global wine ambassador for drinks giant Pernod Ricard, says that whilst simpler sparkling wines (such as prosecco or cava) should be served in flutes to keep the drink colder for longer and to show off the bubbles better, mature and complex champagnes would be best served in a wine glass.   They have a larger bowl narrowing to a smaller rim, so hang on to the bubbles and capture the aroma at the top of the glass while allowing for aeration of the drink.

Dom P2

The brands themselves often create their own glassware and noting seems more luxurious than to sip your favourite brand of the world’s most expensive drink than to enjoy it in glassware bearing the name of and created especially for your choice of fizz.  However nothing quite compares to the most unusual glass we have come across, the most eccentric yet utterly brilliant Champagne Tankard from Pol Roger.

It was said that their most famous devotee, Sir Winston Churchill, famously enjoyed his vintage Pol Roger champagne from a silver tankard allegedly consuming 42,000 bottles of the fizz over his lifetime.

The Champagne house has partnered with fellow Royal Warrant holders John Jenkins Fine Glassware to create a bespoke Champagne tankard inspired by an antique crystal glass dating back to 1785; made in the same style as Silver Tankards of the 17th and 18th centuries, very few of these antique crystal tankards have survived. The Pol Roger Champagne Tankard sees a resurrection of this lost style, handmade by skilled craftsmen at John Jenkins, the royal family’s crystal supplier.

pol champagne tankard

This beautiful glass, which is engraved by hand on the base, serves as a fitting tribute to the man and his champagne, the design of the handle, which is thicker at the top and narrower at the base with a small flourish at the lower end, is typical of silver tankards of the early Georgian period. The horizontal “beading” around the body of the tankard is also a design detail taken from tankards of that time.

Churchill is legendary for being the character he was and nothing screams character as much as going against the “norm” or what the experts say.

So in conclusion, perhaps the best way to enjoy your champagne is as you want to, in a glass that you like.  As long as it is clean, rinsed free of detergents, dried completely and free from scratches or cracks, and the fizz is served at its optimum temperature, sit back and enjoy.  And as Churchill himself said:

“My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.”

That’s good enough for us!

cloud factory

A new arrival and already a favourite!

The Cloud Factory Sauvignon Blanc 2014 was an absolute winner this weekend at Saxtys Wines first Wine Tasting Event of the year at Saxtys Wine Bar, Restaurant and Nightclub on Friday 24th April 2015.

An absolute classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Pale straw yellow in colour, perfumed with nettles and tropical fruits – bursting with aromas of Lime, Grapefruit and Guava with an underlying rich minerality. A fresh and clean palate – a smooth wine with a slight hint of acidity bursting with tropical fruit flavours.

Our recommended serve would be freshly caught Seabass with chargrilled Asparagus, or your absolute classic Fresh King Prawn served with a seasoned Avocado Salad. A new arrival and already a favourite here at Saxtys Wines…and just in time for Summer!

The Cloud Factory is now available to purchase online via the link below:

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Japanese Whisky Distill

Japanese Whisky… It’s like Whisky in 3D

Japan is so hot right now! The Japanese drinking culture seems to be seeping into Cocktail bars worldwide.  Spirit experts have long lauded Japanese Whiskies as formidable – even the most elegant.

The Japanese have been making Whisky for a long time, with Japan’s oldest distillery, Yamazaki, founded in 1923. However, it is only within the last 10-12 years that it has been exported– and only within the last 5 years that it has started to make a name for itself and people are talking about it, with labels such as Yamazaki and Hibiki picking up multiple awards on the international whisky scene.

Most of us associate Whisky with Scotland but could this all about to change…? We think it is a definite possibility, after Jim Murray, of the Whisky Bible 2015 naming the Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 the world’s best Whisky, which he praised as ‘near indescribable genius’, with not one Scottish Whisky placing in the top 5! This as I’m sure you can imagine came as quite a shock!  It maybe some time before the Japanese Whisky occupies the same place in British hearts as a drop of Scottish gold, but it is a definite that it will take up more space in the liquor stores. But with Yamazaki stealing the crown… what does the rise of the Japanese Whisky mean for the Scots?

Japanese Whisky has its own individual identity – a clarity of aromas, almost transparent with intense flavours you would find in scotch.  Dave Broom, editor-in-chief of Whisky Magazine Japan stated that ‘Japanese Whisky is Whisky in HD’.

People are always looking for something new…and Japanese Whisky offers a whole new way of tasting – so unique, so specialist and refined.

Here at Saxtys Wines, we are lucky enough to have a fantastic selection of some of the most sort after bottles and gift sets of the Suntory Whisky’s, including, the Suntory Hakushu Distillers Reserve and the Suntory Yamazaki 18 Year Old Bill Amberg Bag. Log onto our Website via the link below to view our fine collection of Japanese Whisky, all of which are available to purchase.

blck fr

The Biggest Retail Weekend on the Shopping Calendar

The UK has finally woken up to the pre-Christmas sales bonanza!

Once a simple shopping tradition that has now escalated into two of the biggest retail events on the shopping calendar – a weekend full of cheap deals, discounts and epic price reductions.

Thanks to a lot of these sales appearing online and the majority of the larger companies also serving the UK such as Amazon and Apple, the sales have now made their way across the pond to the UK.

Black Friday, falling on the Friday after the American National Holiday, Thanksgiving, represents the perfect storm for retailers as many people in the United States have the day off resulting in being one of the busiest shopping days of the year, according to Tech Rader. The day originally stems from when the retailers were thought to have made enough money to put them ‘in the black’ for the year, basically meaning that they were not going to be at a loss!

This day is now closely followed by ‘Cyber Monday’, known for being the first Monday after the last payday before Christmas which is now arguably the more important day for the British businesses. Having spent the weekend browsing the sites, by Monday you will be ready to make those purchases and take advantage of those ‘one day only’ super savings.

What with all the hype, press and media coverage that has increased over the last few years, this has resulted in a build up of pressure on the businesses and retailers who are now expected to reach high volumes of sales and profits over the coming weekend.

Even though the Brits tend not to celebrate the American Holiday, we do on the other hand love the opportunity to shop and are all fans of finding a few bargains. It brings the ideal opportunity to grab some great Christmas bargains and avoid the last minute Christmas Eve rush at the shops. But now with the high percentage of the British public having access to the internet via their Mobiles, Smart Phones and Tablets there will be no need to leave the house this weekend to shop for those super savings. So sit back on the sofa with a glass of vino, and shop online this weekend at Saxtys Wines. 3 Days of Deals with our Festive Favourite Offers – we have selected our favourite Whites, Reds, Sparkling Wines and Champagnes to help you celebrate the festive and party season!

Wine of the Week Nov14_3

Saxtys Wines Wine of the Week – Monday 17th November 2014

The J. Moreau & Flis Select Grenache Malbec 2010 75cl

This week’s wine of the week comes from the J. Moreau & Flis Vineyard located in the heart of the rolling hills in the Chablis region.

This Grenache Malbec, light ruby in colour with a bouquet of cranberries and red cherries with bursts of violet. A medium bodied wine, with yielding tannins and a low acidity.
A powerful mouth filling wine with moreish flavours of dark red fruits, finishing with slight hints of oak and spice.
A simply stunning wine with a lively mineralty with a perfect balance of terroir, fruit, structure and texture.

To harmonise this wines’ dark fruits and slight oak flavours, we can only recommend heart-warming winter dishes – rich beef casseroles served with smooth fluffy mash potato, or a grilled Herefordshire Beef Steak served with home-made chunky chips and a rich mushroom sauce.

It is available to purchase online via the link below. You can also email us at or call us on 01432 357872.

Yamazaki 18 YO Bill Ambeg

Some of the best Whisky here at Saxtys Wines… from Japan!

A new and very special arrival to Saxtys Wines….

The Suntory Yamazaki 18 Year Old with Bill Amberg Bag!

Specially created to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the distillery and the production of Japanese whisky, the Suntory Yamazaki 18 year old single malt is presented in a sublime leather bag designed by the famous British designer Bill Amberg, known worldwide for his leather work.

With a soft and rich texture, Yamazaki 18 year old is perfectly balanced and the richness of its aromatic palette gives it body and depth.

Simply stunning and unique, and with only 200 bottles being released into the UK….. this is truly a one of a kind.

It is available to purchase online via the link below, or please call us for more information on 01432 357872, or email us at